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Enable SugarCRM Application with CoolStack


In the competitive world, enable the service as a business value can be so damn critical for the company success. The problem is how does the company must spend their effort and money to makes the system ready in the fast time-to-service fashion way ? since i believe that software are now realized as being commodity product, then it would be possible to solve those issue. Such SugarCRM which is bring a brilliant functionality which is comes free for the business user.

Based on this idea inspired me to give a tutorial and share my experimental works on Deploying CoolStack in OpenSolaris and enabling the SugarCRM application as your CRM business services.

Please find out for more detail the presentation slide within OSUG indonesia website bellow:

The presentation also explain how we manage to integrate our application with SMF in OpenSolaris


NAS in OpenSolaris OSUG Indonesia Meeting at 14-Oct-2008


Its really a great experience for me to share the NAS topic to the OSUG Indonesia community meeting at 14 October 2008. During the presentation we discussed three interesting topic includes NFS, CIFS/SAMBA, and iSCSI. Since most of the attendee are technical guys in this event, we also gave a demonstration on how we use this protocol as our file based storage. One thing that i would like to highlight is that OpenSolaris give comprehensive NAS feature off the shelf, and integrated (as part of the ZFS and SMF feature).

You will be able to download the presentation slide bellow:

NAS Implementation with OpenSolaris Presentation

Within this short post, i would like to show my appreciation to all OSUG Indonesia Community who are willing to spend their time to attend and explore OpenSolaris NAS.