Configure 3G ZTE IndosatM2 Model MF622 in OpenSolaris

Its been few days for me preparing my laptop using OpenSolaris Operating System, the greatest challenge i was facing, while i did configure my 3g modem in this operating system. i have red some of good stuff from OpenSolaris forum and indeed it helps me a lot to finish the 3g modem configuration.

Enough the talk, hopefully this few steps of what i’ve done in my laptop will help anyone who are having difficulty of configuring their indosatm2 3g modem using huawei model MF622.

Identify the usb modem 3g device identity.

bash-3.2# prtconf -v | grep usb
name=’usb-port-count’ type=int items=1
name=’usb-product-name’ type=string items=1
name=’usb-vendor-name’ type=string items=1
name=’usb-raw-cfg-descriptors’ type=byte items=85
name=’usb-dev-descriptor’ type=byte items=18
name=’usb-release’ type=int items=1
name=’usb-num-configs’ type=int items=1
name=’usb-revision-id’ type=int items=1
name=’usb-product-id’ type=int items=1
name=’usb-vendor-id’ type=int items=1
value=’usb19d2,1.0′ + ‘usb19d2,1’ + ‘usb,device’
name=’usb-port-count’ type=int items=1

Since, the usb device currently recognize as usb storage you will need to run bellow command in order to modify the usb storage driver to the usb to serial device (modem):

update_drv -a -i “usb19d2,1″ usbsacm

configure point to point file configuration

create file /etc/ppp/indosat-3g-connect-chat, and put the text bellow.


basically the text above is an AT command will be sent to the serial device in order to initiate the connection to you ISP.

configure you user and password for PAP Authentication

edit file /etc/ppp/pap-secrets, and custom the text bellow accordingly with your 3g username and password. the sequence of the text bellow are: username, isp, and password.

sonny.hastomo indosatm2 password

configure Point-to-Point for ppp daemon configuration

asyncmap 0xa0000
connect “/usr/bin/chat -f /etc/ppp/indosat-3g-connect-chat” # dial into ISP
user sonny.hastomo
remotename indosatm2 # name of the ISP; for pap-secrets
noipdefault # assume no IP address; get it from ISP
defaultroute # install default route; ISP is Internet gateway
updetach # log errors and CONNECT string to invoker
noccp # ISP doesn’t support free compression

Basically the above text is ppp daemon properties, that going to be executed when we initiate or starting the pppd command (in order to get more detail information of those properties, you’ll be able to visit this site:

starting ppp daemon and enjoy browsing internet

execute the command bellow:

pppd call indosat-3g

Voila, you are ready to go with your browser. Yeah i am happy for the moment being, but…… there is some other thing that you need to do. since there is a bug with the usbser driver in the kernel that makes your modem hang up after few minute. And truly it happens more than one time. After awhile browsing on the internet i found the solution from OpenSolaris forum that mention the usbser fail executing more than one core of cpu. and we will need to apply patch written by Kazuhiko Kobayashi (thanks man) at

just copy the file inside the archive:

copy i386/usbser to /kernel/misc/usbser
copy amd64/usbser to /kernel/misc/amd64/usbser

Hmmm, it seem everything already in place, and i can browse internet for many hours, until my wife complains.


7 comments so far

  1. sundul mas on

    sundul ah ..sundul…sundul lagi….up ..up…up

  2. arih on

    Wehehe gua baru bisa pake Nokia E51 sama Flash, pagi ini baru berhasil install Osol2008.11 di V200 gua. Pas banget butuh info make IM2 di Osol, baru aja mau nelpon lu bro, eh ternyata dah ada di blog hehehe, thanks anyway!

  3. ajituelegi on

    Selamat malam mas, saya panji yag kemarin bertanya di milis OSUG-ID, mau tanya. koq kalau saya mau
    #pppd call indosat-3g, keluar tulisan
    pppd : /etc/ppp/peers/indosat-3g :5: unrecognizes option ‘f’

    settingan saya sbb:

    file /etc/ppp/indosat-3g-connect-chat
    AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”indosat3g” OK ATDT*99# CONNECT \c

    Trus untuk konfigurasi ppp daemonnya
    asyncmap 0xa0000
    115200 connect “/usr/bin/chat -f /etc/ppp/indosat-3g-connect-chat” # dial into ISP
    user aji
    remotename indosat3g # name of the ISP;for pap-secrets
    noipdefault # assume no IP address; get it from ISP
    defaultroute # install default route;ISP is Internet gateway
    updetach # log errors and CONNECT string to invoker
    noccp # ISP doesn’t support free compression

    huruf -f yang td error itu harus di isi dengan apa ya mas?

    mohon koreksi dan solusinya mas ( Maklumnya mas, masih newbie di OpenSolaris)

    Terima kasih

    • epuzzle on

      Dear Mas Aji,

      saya kirimkan script yang telah saya configure ke email anda dengan
      menggunakan OpenSolaris 2008.11, dan ternyata ada sedikit perbedaan
      AT command yang harus di execute di bandingkan dengan OpenSolaris 2008.05.


      Sonny Hastomo

  4. opensolsepatu on

    nah kalo buat flash bijimane boss? kan Flashnya telkom ga pake username and pasword? kita isi apa doong? kl ga bikin username password bisa dial ga ya?
    Trus gmn caranya ngaktifin Sunwiwh? udh download driver tsb udh coba ngikutin caranya, tp Wifi 5100 laptop gw tetep ga nongol2..

    thnx boss

    • epuzzle on


      untuk telkom flash seharus nya juga bisa ya, cuman harus di carikan
      command AT yang cocok. anda juga dapat merefer beberapa script
      yang di pakai oleh ubuntu dengan wireless dial nya.

      kalau untuk pppd, script /etc/ppp/peers/ bisa di set no password dan no user
      misal field user ” dan field password ”


      Sonny Hastomo

  5. William on

    I scrapped all thoughts on using OpenSolaris just last week because I couldn’t find a way to set up the connection there. I wonder why I didn’t come across your blog sooner. Well, thanks a lot!
    Now onto the next problem… sound card.

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