SIP Module with SailFin

Few weeks back, its very interesting for me to have a meeting with one of mobile operator provider. The topic of that particular meeting was discussing about IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem),  basically we are trying to find out how does the mechanism of the IMS itself. After awhile with some experiment i found out that IMS works using IP communication between devices called RTP, and uses SIP Module as their call control. With a little experimental i have conduct, i would like to give you some of information that you might interesting on exploring this technology.

Call Control / SIP Module:

there is quite good demo on that site of how the SIP module works and establish IP communication such as VoIP using the SailFin server.

During the experiment i also have a problem to install the SIP client software for that particular demo so i suggest if you have windows vista on your hardware try ExpressTalk software for your SIP client software.


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  1. jouli on

    I read your post and totally agree with you.Its nice sharing.web sites are source of information and this is one of them I book mark it and mail all of my friends to must check it.


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